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Corona Virus (Co-ViD-19)

Update 5/29/2020

Appointment Protocol

Given the recent restrictions and bans placed on travel, commerce, and lifestyle in response to the Corona Virus (Co-ViD-19), I will be offering phone consults to anyone who would prefer not to come in to my office. I will be reviewing this protocol every Sunday, or as new information becomes available; whichever comes first. My practice will be complying with all federal, state, and municipal protocols recommended.


My clinic is reopened with some minor changes from baseline protocol. Due to the continued changing standards of care related to patient interaction, these protocols can be discussed in person, via email, or over the phone at any time.

Risk, the virus, and protocols

Firstly, I am NOT an epidemiologist, immunologist, or virologist so my knowledge and understanding should not be considered authoritative. For official information, please visit the CDC's website at, or the NIH website at


My impression is that the most vulnerable populations to contract the virus or suffer markedly from it are the elderly (64 years old and over), those with impaired breathing conditions (including smokers and those who use vaporizers), and those with impaired immune systems. The risk for infection is greatly reduced by limiting exposure. If you suspect you may have contracted the virus, CALL your local hospital or healthcare provider before you go in; they may elect to provide as much care/treatment as they can remotely and recommend you stay home. Let them tell you if you should come in or not.

Personal thoughts and admonitions

This is a trying time for each of us, the nation, and the world. While the majority of us are not in a vulnerable population, minimizing travel and group gatherings as recommended is something we can all do to help beat this thing. My thoughts and prayers are for the people that already have the virus, their family members, and all of us trying to cope with our varying levels of distress. I remain available for regularly scheduled follow-up appointments as well as correspondence as always.


Thank you!

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